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Medium: CD
Style: death metal
Record Date: 3-4/2005
Release Date: 19.05.2005

Recorded at Kocis sound
Mastered at Kocis sound

Released by: IFA records



  1. when knife cuts glass
  2. awakening to dream  
  3. the need
  4. lonely man  
  5. just another day
  6. land of markets  
  7. imagination on the sea  
  8. god is technology
  9. eternal pain
  10. timeseller
  11. restore default settings


when knife cuts glass

My hands are cold
My thoughts are insane
My arms are growing rotten
I cannot get up and I feel hard pain
I have sand in my eyes
And thinking about lies
Outside somebody cries
for mercy
I am crying
when the knife cuts the glass

I cannot understand
Why people use knife for cutting glass
With every next cut
Hit the nail on the head
And wound is opening
And the knife cuts the glass
Slowly again

At this point I see all my born days
There are clouds far beyond
Far beyond the sweet sun
It's too late to change something
It's too late
When knife cuts glass


awakening to dream

wake up, can´t believe your eyes
this is not your world
cold and dark
but you don´t wish to
be alone and far from people

you´re talking things
you have never though about
you will conclude to absolution by yourself

shadows of mind
you'll never cry
escape from vision of the dark

return to your life
it doesn´t seem grey now
seeking beauty where
the other can´t see

believe in yourself

the need

Foliage falling from trees
Full of autumn sun
To white happy face
Spasmodic smile in ecstasy

Mirror, mirror you are my only friend
my silver gate to mercyful paradise

The clown
Just only cleaned remains
And swept the flowing tears
off suffering face
and devoted life in lifeless

lonely man

The crystal sound of rowing oars
Dwells in my heart like a golden horse
It runs too fast without control
And leaves a big black open hole

The blood that streams from out my eyes
Glimmers fast and slowly dies
No one saw me coming in
That line is truly very thin

The waves they hit that sandy beach
A solid ground I've failed to reach
My heart is burning and my soul is sore
Though I knew there would be, no more

The legion marches up the hill
They have come to burn the solemn mill
'Cause no one likes a lonely man
No one will and no one can

The rain came down and calmed my fire
My heart that burned with intense desire
'Cause no one loves a lonely man
No one will and no one can

just another day

The trees bend down to look me in my face
They rise again and leave no trace
But inside me there will always be a scar
To remind me of that dying star

The water kills the dying embers
And turns the heat to dust
And all the things that I remember
Are the only things that I can trust


land of markets

Eyes carefully observe their kill
face and body are motionless
consistently consider opportunities
when attack the kill.

today or tomorrow
we just carefully observe
opening time of our shop
senses are full of offers.

lands of markets are endless
as the chance for trading
biggest discounts suck life
where it doesn't hurt

are there any rules?
are there any limits?
profit is another nail to coffin
what will be at the end?
and who will be there?

imagination on the sea

Black swan flying, chased by infernal flame
or is she leading the way?
Bloody drops from black teeth of the lame,
red blood flows from dirty snout.

Change your perspective, your eye's too close,
turning foul giants into dwarfs.
Look forth, short way ahead of your nose,
You'll see picture of the worlds.

Mighty dragon, his paws gold and red
proudly prancing to the sky,
the storm by his feet almost fled
proving that he is a lie

god is technology

Reborn in the PCB unit zero and one are the twins
Like a death or life floating through the copper highway

All those maps suddently saying you got lost
Trapped among the lions in endless white area

Upgrade my memories take them much higher
Fall to your knees glorifying liar
Belief in progress but the process failed
few steps from the god
Binary command mutating truth

eternal pain

Lifeless statues on the shores of hell
In silence screams the tolling bell
The icy wind sweeps through thein hair
The silent waves of hatred and despair
Yells of agony arises from the raging fires
Blackened darkness surround the faceless liars
Upon the shoulder he puts his flaming hand
The touch of satan, that turns the flesh to sand
There is no forgiveness on the other side
borse replica Eternal pain from the day you died


I am the dark wizard, all the time belongs to me
I am might despair, every man afraids to say
That I am the warlord, no one is still allowed to see
My own body, just one, he wanted to pray!!
Look at me I am a mage
I can change your high age
Time to smile, time to cry
Wait a while, time to die

REF: Time, what is time for me
Time, that is what I want to see
Time, that is waht I want to sell to you!!!
Cause I am time seller.

Take your drugs, make your own dream
Call your friends, make new team
What it ends, do not you cry
Death is nice, all must die
Flamy heart like a storm
From the land I was born
Thunderstorm of my will
this is wound I can not heal.

restore Default Settings