follow the instructions

Follow The Instructions - booklet
Medium: CD
Style: schizo-blast death metal
Record Date: 3-4/2003
Release Date: 16.11.2003

Recorded at Kocis sound
Mastered at Kocis sound

Released by: IFA records



  1. Neverending projection  
  2. The Mask
  3. Whiteness
  4. Reality  
  5. In progress (Instrumental)
  6. Time runs so slowly  
  7. The horse blow job
  8. The Judge  
  9. Emotional sadomasochistic
  10. Indian Fall (Instrumental)


neverending projection

pointless pain runs through your guts
tight them hard, coming to your head
and beat all of other thoughts
the projector shows the movie
you are nailed down to the seat
you can't close your eyes
watching with flowing tears
tear the film to pieces but
as soon as they fall to the ground
they bond again and the movie
keeps going on
without change only little brighter
after one hundred times
maybe you'll feel nothing
but no!
cinema is open again
you are roaming, carping, crying, and swearing
get it out of yourself
for three times, four times, one hundred times
optimistic smile in the mirror
something creeping to your head

the mask

used mask in day full of shows
little tight and wet of sweat
not useable again, just dry your face
something happened - change it!
let the - story keep playing on
put on another and play next part
not enough to express yourself
just only to show your way
create your own face is nonsense
because masks express almost all


I saw only whiteness
with dazzle light
I tried to open my eyes
success one half
get out of bed
look around the room
unknown white walls
locked door
hardly opened them
white walls too
just one black figure
I can not reach
I run till downstairs
but suddenly its twice
I start to be scared
and run before them back
remains only whiteness
but they don't care about me
instead of this taking every things
out of the house, of my life
remains only whiteness


nobody loves you
all is only simulation
they want you to tell the truth
what they want to hear
but is this the truth?
lies which everybody use
to confirm their speeches
people don't let the truth
refuse and fear about it
reality is sometimes too awful
slanders coming down
hard to defend
be never mattered shadow
hear wisdom of others
better live like shadow
let your heart is slain
use your eyes, use your ears and know
sentence which judge doesn't know
you are judging instead of him
passing other sentences
without success to change reality
reality is sometimes too awful

in progress

väska kopia


time runs so slowly

time runs so slowly
inner clock in everyone
grains of sand left the broken casket
and falling through your fingers
thousand eyes even free
quick flash fragmenting time
across the mind like creeping shadow
veil all
you resigned and now you suffer
in pain
alone for redemption
who can judge the others
loosing your first position hounded by desire
and now only gleaning on success of the others
soon there will be start shot again
bet there's no second chance for the egoists
lonely dying in the mud of the track
and time runs so slowly

the judge

it's so easy to light off a candle
so easy I'm reading lives
lives of innocent people
who I don't know
I don't care about they
playing for judge
hospital bed
once it was full of life
just hardly alive today
all around believe
but you don't know
what do you want
end or fight - stay or die
why to be alive
if you can die in peace
without pain
know more and don't fall asleep
if you could know more

the horse blow job

sweaty horse head
with lusty eyes
you can try to guess
sweaty human head
mouth full of meat
animal abuse or satisfaction
sucked - suffocate!

emotional sadomasochistic

space's silence
corrupted by scream
of mine or hers
don't know
alone and confused
what really I want
emotional sadomasochistic
I can't see the future
certainty destroying myself
it will let me to this certainty
but the thought of future
never leave me be
it's still provoking
hate against my own feelings
hate against my attitude

indian fall