Medium: MC
Style: schizo-blast
Record Date: 8/1999
Release Date: 17.3.2000

Recorded at Všechlapy-barn

Mastered at Kocis Sound

Released by: FOBIA




  1. Child No More  
  2. Vomit The Soul  
  3. Bad Morning  
  4. Bastards From Hell  
  5. Hypocrisy - Morgoth's Net Of Lies  
  6. Flowing Waves Of Life


Convertable Arrival (INTRO)


Child No More

Children play with childish toy
Another day, another joy
Sun comes up, makes them warm
Silver cup of friendly form.

No pain, no distress
No rain, god bless

Friendly man in childish mind
Gold was sand, child was blind
Pain and tears, marked for life
Agony and fear, cuts like knife.

No more trust, no more love
No more trust, kills the dove.

Vomit The Soul

We are trapping free falcons, cutting their wings.
Well, you are all puppets, we are pulling the strings.
Pulling the strings of your mind, but if we can keep you blind.

Try, try, try if you can, try if you want, try if you can reach for me,
fly, fly, fly if you can, fly if you wand, fly if you still want to be.

We are holding the apple, of mortal sin.
Killing our relatives, killing our kin.
We just control, we just contol all of you.
Sure, women and children, too.

Try, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

We are ending our wishes, killing your hopes.
We are building your gallows, trying the ropes, trying the ropes.
Trying the ropes for your neck, looking for your,
looking for your future, it is black.

Try, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Bad Morning

Do not you cry, strip your skirt, put off pants.
You just lie, you bitch, it is your chance.
Scream it out, make me mad, do you want again? Yeah!!!
I see your naked figure in my bed.
I take knife, rip your body, make you dead.
Scream it out, make me mad, do you want again? Yeah!!!
Your entrails flying out, round my head.
From your skin I make house for my pet.
Scream ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Bad morning coming out, what to do?
I am a worm in your corpse, eating you.
Scream ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Bastards From Hell

have nothing to sell, conspiration in (democracy) lines
Only dead survive, they are able to sell our lifes

Promise us everything, talking only lies
Everyone has it's own price, avoiding looking to their eyes

... Bastards ... on the president - seat

People must be blind voting for this shit
Believe that (they) are right, no wrong in their sight

At the end of the tunnel, asking is there light
Nothing to eat, but the main thing .......

... Bastrads ... on the president - seat

Bastards from hell, bastards from us
Bastards from hell, bastards from us
... Bastards ... on the president - seat

Hypocrisy Morgoth's Net Of Lies

Set free from fetters, but black stain,
stain still remaining, remaining in heart
Hate hidden behind, behind the mask,
mask is a prison, secret trap
He used to be a god, now is a renegade,
wanted everything only for himself
Put lies among, among the words

Hypocrisy, Morgoth's net of lies, Hypocrisy, ... ... ...

You can not see them, see them now,
now you have to read, read between lines
Caught in the net, net of lies,
blind want to get, what they have lost
He used to be a god, now is a renegade,
wanted everythin only for himself
Put lies among, among the words

Hypocrisy ... ... ... ...bolsos ysl imitacion

Morgoth's net of lies, caught like a ly,
everybody have to die, meet in mandos halls
Like a blindman, feel the way,
quick oath is like, like a jump
To the abbys, son realize,
bitter taste, of drunk wine
He used to be a god, ... ... ... ...

Morgoth's net of lies ... ... ... ...

Hypocrisy ... ... ... ...

Flowing Waves Of Life (OUTRO)