Medium: demo MC

Style: thrash-death

Record Date: 21.-24.7.1997

Release Date: 15.11.1997

Recorded at Čapí Dvůr rehearsal

Mastered at MC Orion Club

Released by: FOBIA



  1. Burn Her  
  2. Heartstoned  
  3. Last And Alone  
  4. Last Journey  
  5. Voices In Mind  
  6. Dark Shadows  
  7. People to Sell  
  8. Sacrifice For Devil  
  9. Keep Achtung - Fugue From Toccata (J.S. Bach cover version)
  10. Unpleasant Find (live)  


Burn Her

In a circle of fire, in dark endless night
Standing person of desire, holding astral sign
Astral sign of evil, neverending misery
Try to hold the power, of magical history

Burn her at the stake she will be lost in fire, fire
It is not a fake at the fact she was lier, lier

History, was made by her
When she was, walking on this world, ....

History, bring us death
When she was, walking on this world, ....


You think that is a piece of news
Idea awake you from your dream
Not bad for ever
You comprehend not yet
All around seemed like a good informers
But nobody give you advice
Cause they don’t know how you feel down
And they do more harm than good
The ruthlesness is worse, you know it well
She does not care about anothers

Ref: solitude is better for me, you know - you see

Love is for fools, you recognized it late
No time for pleasant words
Confession can’t help you
But you drown in tears of hate
It will never stop
No friends help you
Love becomes in hate
But it isn’t forever
Peace will rise in your mind
And you conciliate with judgement

Last And Alone

The dark river in kingdom of evil
you will never walk around its banks
you will never find peace of mind.

You must fight for your soul
no beseech pray and believe
You’re last and alone
who survived the suffering.

ref: Danger of the darkness. You must fighting now
Danger of the darkness. There´s no return.

Last Journey

What am i feeling?
What is the matter
With my body
Dead angels are coming
- infection
- mind whiping
- satisfaction
Another world

Falling into ruin
Are my thoughts
Body coruption becoming
I’m only piece of flash
- infection
- mind smashing
- satisfaction
World of shadows

Ref: Mum please don’t leave me, father stay with me
I pray for one day, I don’t want die.

Voices In Mind

Day by day, night by night
I’m living as a sailor, who never die
Change by chance, I’m so strong
Don’t believe in evil, which is all surround

Ref: Give me the key
of the last chamber
chamber of knowledge
of victory and death
of sucking love and hate

I don’t want, to save my soul
And stop to be sinner, let myself go

I just want to live alone
Live my curset life, let problems go
So i killed this boy, for my joy
For my fucking glory, let myself go.

Dark Shadows

I´m looking through the window
Through the window of my mind
And i see black clouds
No sun, no light

Only a eternal fight
Between love and my dark side
I don´t cry, but i shout
They’re dark shadows - my mind

REF: Sorrow, suicide, silence, I am digging my grave

I´m looking through the window
It seems like a stupid story
Why my soul isn´t innocent
Something call me - „don´t worry“

But it isn´t fucking glory
I don´t know why i´m still alive
I am cutting my coffin
They’re dark shadows - my mind

Ref: Sorrow, suicide, silence, I am digging my grave

People To Sell

Silent of life
Your simple thoughts
Boring faces
Memories are coming down

Alone in room
Fasten to bed
Laughing nurses
Doctors waiting for your death

Dark rooms - in the hospital of pain
Bluring views - turns again

Alive - you want to stay
Alive - you should start to pray
Alive - is not your destiny
Alive - dead ....

Price will rise
After your death
False help
You´re sick with this

Sacrifice For Devil

Show me your head, it's full of the drug
Horror vision of death, that's killing me
I heard your scream in the fit
Where you wanted to find the paradise
By the sea walking in midnight hour
I saw sign that you are sacrifice
Sacrifice for devil - sacrifice for me

Ref: Wake up and return from fantasy
you can hear the voice of devil
this drug is killing you gradually
but it's death - the highest level
My mind is getting darker then grave
I think that you're lost forever
There's no help that can save you
you're the sacrifice for devil
sacrifice for devil - sacrifice for me

When you were younger, you were blind
And now you suffer from neverending agony
Your heart is beating but you're not alive
But it's better then see this world's going down

If you stop it now it's too late
There's no way to take in a normal life
I can't give you any real faith
But say now last goodbye to your life

J. S. Bach - Fugue From Toccata