only dead can survive

 Medium: demo MC

Style: thrash-death-doom

Record Date: 26.10.1996

Release Date: 20.12.1996

Recorded at MC Orion Club

Mastered at MC Orion Club

Released by: FOBIA



  1. Intro   
  2. Unpleasant Find   
  3. Timeseller   
  4. Evil Eye   
  5. Dream   
  6. Grave In The Sand   
  7. Suffocated Soldiers   
  8. Outro  



You took my life, into your fantasy.
Abused my mind, that is reality.
She looks so innocent, she is so nice.
Do not be so stupid, do not pay the price.

REF: Selling my illusions
Selling my dreams
Just the confusion,
What can you say me?

Tell me the lie, tell me the true.
You wanna die, but just what to do.
Sing me your song, about your black life.
Do not promise me anything.
And silence breaks knife.

REF: ..................................

Get me through hell, show me the heaven.
I am just one man, who thinks about devil.
Sing me your song, about your black life.
Do not promise me anything.
And silence breaks knife.

REF: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I am the dark wizard, all the time belongs to me
I am might despair, every man afraids to say
That I am the warlord, no one is still allowed to see
My own body, just one, he wanted to pray!!
Look at me I am a mage
I can change your high age
Time to smile, time to cry
Wait a while, time to die

REF: Time, what is time for me
Time, that is what I want to see
Time, that is waht I want to sell to you!!!
Cause I am time seller.

Take your drugs, make your own dream
Call your friends, make new team
What it ends, do not you cry
Death is nice, all must die
Flamy heart like a storm
From the land I was born
Thunderstorm of my will
this is wound I can not heal.

Replicas de relojes REF:.............................


I had a dream, that I lived in another world.
Every day I scream "plese help me" but I do not want

Be alone on a little island around me is the ocean of lies
And I seek the bridge have small vision cry sometimes

REF: I hear, that someone is calling
I hear, the silent voice
I see, hime every morning
when I fall through the dark.


Holy soldiers fighting well
all their souls are sent do hell
Light is shining, atoms fly
People are burning, time to die

REF: Dëad am I
sadly tier
evil eye
it is so real

Lead is flying, mutants run
Death everywhere, really fun
Blood is flooding, teared up vain
Mind are insane by the pain


Guns are shooting, bloody rain
Killer's instinct, evil grain
Storm keeps moving, god is sad
Under despair, hearts go mad


Do not let him go out of here
On the desert there is a storm
You are the last man who is alive
But you must make one reform
...or you will die!!!

Kill him and give him into the grave
There is ever the end
Do you know what is when i say
Grave in the sand
...grave in the sand

Ref: grave in the sand
.....who is lying under
I promise you everything
Everything i can
You will lie in the oasis
There is digging grave a man
...and you will die


Suffocated soldiers, falling to the ground
Rage against the warlords, lost life can be found
Lost life of the millions, lost life oyu have paid
General is very happy, first world war is great

REF: Your child, and it's mother
are hoping you are not burnt
inside of the gassline
know there is no return

They are running through the killing fields
thinking about life
Join the army you will see
nobody stay alive

Soldiers in the attack, are crossing flying lead
After this bad battle, is waiting glorious death
Platoon under assault, germans fighting mad
Gass is waiting for you, gass means painly death