Tomorrow’s fires

Medium: CDdice - booklet
Style: death metal core
Record Date: 1-2/2011
Release Date: 09.04.2011

Recorded at Kocis sound & records
Mixed by Kocis and F.O.B.
Mastered at PEHA Studio
Produced by F.O.B.
Cover and Art by BIS

Released by METALGATE



1. To Name The Things Right
2. Feeding on your Fear
3. Forgiveness
4. Rain of Thoughts
5. Ink Smears
6. Describing the Emptiness
7. The Ever Searching Seagull Poem
8. Tomorrow’s Fires
9. Bloodless
10. The Silhouette In The Dark Reminds Me of You


1. To Name The Things Right

in the restless pace in front of the doubtful thoughts
I reveal the darkest corners in my mind
there is no other way to name the things right
unscrupulous Im loosing my personality

pieces of puzzles like stars in the sky
still dont connected into the clear picture
maybe from the far distance the fractal structure shows the fact
but I always intended to stay close
I turned into the sleeping guard in the night

Im hunting my desire
Come into my embrace
(Im the flesh-eater, the flower of death)

So thats why I failed again
thats why I lost the final battle of moral knowledge
thats why Im running no more

2. Feeding on your Fear

In this false evidence created by yourself
Negative scenes generated in your mind
These small things have shadows growing big
And still feel awareness of danger

We have nothing to fear but fear itself
To live with no guts means no glory

Pictures before your eyes
Silent wisper in your ears
Devouring your bravery
Any turn you into stone
Then it starts to feed
Feed on your fear

3. Forgiveness

There is no will to forgive
this should be the god feature
mine are much worse
believe me, you dont want to know
you dont want to hear
but you have already seen
how the hate is growing inside me
how I changed my manner

now I rule by fear
dreadnaught on my own
drunken by power
I signed the devils deal

I see red curtains before my eyes
they persist the will of removal
but as the traitor waits for the final move
together with my body they will fall

I dont feel that I could hate myself

4. Rain of Thoughts

Dont you feel that I shiver
under your glazed look
its getting cold here
even for the words
that are emerging from your mouth
when your tongue stabs like a dagger my ears are bleeding to death

as the devil wants me to choose the bad ones
meanwhile the littel white winged man stays dumb

the raindrops falling down I try to catch them with my hands
thoughts - one by one spinning into my head

how long can I take this confusion
when I see you in a haze
of fury
how long can I suffer
when I see you in a haze
of fury

5. Ink Smears

The place where the wretched lurk
buried in dens they indwell
watchfully eye each move we make.

lurching through the darknened streets
lined with treacherous two-faced rats
ruining tomorow what we create today.

This city is a tomb of ghosts
crippled and drained of minds
leaving nothing but shadows of doubts.
Such inheritance is innate
Sins are embedded in thoughts
Flaring horizons are to be passed through

a withered place with empty souls
neighboring estate vile as morgue
content too far from being dead
think of what you've done and you're all set.

6. Describing the Emptiness

Describe your emptiness
Hopeless feelings in changing
Conflict of negative events turning off your light
Stop your drops of blood
Stop every voices you can scream
 This is the matter of no question why
When,what for,where and who you are
And who do you suffer for
 Look at your torture,look at your torture
Stay with staring eyes

Describe your emptiness

Screaming the truth out of your mouth
Into ears that want to hear
Your confession
But the hand is still pushing you to the death

Sink down to the emptiness
Where feelings have changed
Into nothing that can´t
Support your life light no more

7. The Ever Searching Seagull Poem

Our lives seem to be well entwined
odd chemistry acting as an intermediary
Like a seagull fishing in the sea
starstruck with each potential prey

Should you know chemical bonds dissolve
stay back from thrusting into unknown waters
back to bevy among your mates
you never cared, you never cared

Guess what you're not the only fish in the sea.

Tonight you'll be fishing in the sea of the dead.

Then greed took over and sky rained blood
fluff of feathers snowing down on the ground
natal bevy's gone, he survived alone
Now there's no friend, there's no fish in the sea.

8. Tomorrow’s Fires

I should get used to knowing that some fires
dont burn for tomorrow
even if you try to feed the flames
they are passing away through the night
no more eager for your offerings

my eyes are lighting in the dark
but Im not the prowling creature
my claws are touching gently
the carpet of forgetness (oblivion)
like a blind man groping for the path

they lead me out of the vanity
I was carrying inside
there is too much space now
the remembrance is scattered by the wind
and another fire is ready to be lit

9. Bloodless

in the very fist time I  dont understand I have to read twice and then it comes clearly to my mind
these little collisions slow me down make me hesitate and steal the chance for quick response

now I know you well enough
You cant pretend anymore

but then I know and I can feel how the gear wheels start to spin
Its the time when your end is next step closer can you feel – next
step closer

and you never feel safe...
now I know you well enough
through blood red horizon into blood red moon
like the premonition of bad signs in your head

you can not fake me with your empty words that youuhren replica breed like flies and I still know the direction I still can sail in the sea of lies

now I know you well enough
You cant pretend anymore

There is an emptiness in my veins
And my heart goes silent
Through my eyes you can look inside
Like Im remaining bloodless

There is an emptiness in my veins

10. The Silhouette In The Dark Reminds Me of You

my senses fail me
who wants it this way
my vitals fading
who wants it this way

Im dreaming of the days back when I
used to feel safe and reckless,
Back in the place I used to call my home

I'm contemplating
if things went my way
Eveyone's leaving
God wants it this way.

I'm chanting
your name as my heart
is ailing
and hoping
that this is just a nightmare
and I'll see you again

Im dreaming of the days back when I
used to feel safe and reckless,
Back in the place I used to call my home

Where have you disappeared?
I can barely cope any longer
Why can't you be here by me anymore.

You are no-one.