biography, Czech death metalcore

band from Tábor

actual line-up

Marek Dostál (Mára) - vocal
Tomáš Kotrba (Corbow) - bass
Jaroslav Kučera (Profesor) - guitar
Tomáš Tourek  (Toury) - guitar
Filip Ambrož (Filip) - drums



The band F.O.B. rose in autumn 1995. The originál line-up was Hans (vocal), Jirka "Coach" (guitars), Jirka "Bendis" (guitars), Tom "Corbow" (bass), Márty (drums).

After some personal changes they released the first demo "only dead can survive" in autumn 1996 which was mix between thrash-death-doom. Coach appeared on vocal.

Cool reviews forced the band to record and release next demo "fobia" where they left the doom roots and the demo itself presents progresive thrash metal spiced with death metal influence. The band starts to tour and composes new materiál. MC „blame?“ (2000) is a goal in the history and shows the next future direction. The band pushed its style to the new arranges and new era of schizo-blast metal begun. Corbow started to sing. After the release the band took place in some minitour, prestigious summer festivals and semifinal round of the Rock Made in Gambrinus 2000 competition. The show in Jim Beam Rock fest 2000 was broadcasted by TV Luna (9. 15.2001).

The years 2001 and 2002 are in full touring in Czech Republic and abroad and Corbow begun to growl all vocal parts meanwhile Coach took care after only about his guitar. Taking parts in some summer and autumn festival moves the counter of FOB gigs over 100. The band continues with its way and in late 2002 they have prepared complete stuff for the first CD release. In March, just before the recording Coach had to leave the band and new stuff is recorded only in three members.

The CD „FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION“ is released by I.F.A. Records in autumn 2003 and the style doesn’t stay on one place. New material contains more influence of another styles with progressive death metal parts and it supported by minitour with Equirhodont and Agony.

The year 2004 is the most successful time in the bands history. There are plenty of great reviews for the debut in big magazines like Spark, Payo mag. and Rockshock. The band appeared in the Czech Rock League 2004 with another 200 bands, goes through to the final lap and hits the great third place. The number of gigs is set for 30.

The second CD Default is released in May via IFA Records again and there is huge tour support which includes several places in Czech Rebublic and some summer festivals as well.

In spring the band decided to recruit a solo vocalist. This post was taken by Petr Kášek and after few rehearsals was clear that this was the right step as well as there were great reaction of fans on couple of shows which were played through the year 2007. Unfortunatelly Petr suffered serious injuries in car accident in December 2007. His recovery is still in progress and for this time we asked our friend Mara to be our special guest on vocal. You can see the new line-up on upcoming shows. We are also composing new material and the release of the new CD is planned for autumn 2008.

Already in January 2009 he was filmed a clip for the song FROZEN from the new album, which was subsequently placed on profile and enjoys a large audience. The video was aired repeatedly on TV Ocko in Madhouse. The media success was the deployment of a broadcast clip FROZEN the Czech TV channel CT2 in the program Five of oranges, where the clip is retained thanks to the audience poll three weeks. The band in 2009 went continuous concert appearances and has played 35 concerts in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Austria.

At the end of 2009 is already starting to generate new material and its composition has been continuing from the beginning of 2010. In April, there is a publication 2 live clips (DICE songs and TIME) on, material for the clips was filmed in 2009. From summer festivals Jan. band continued touring and promoting the current album, "the Dice ..." and also examines the new material live on the prepared plate. Since the month of February is also involved MANIFEST TOUR, about 10 concerts, organized by the agency METALGATE with bands and LIVEEVIL ABSTRACT ESSENCE. In the summer Announces the guitarist Bendis unwelcome message about his future voluntary departure from the band in September at a concert in Tabor (Žižkův murderous mace) completes its fifteen influence in the band. The band has since the summer seeks compensation they manage to find in September and new guitarist Jarek is F.O.B Kucera - Professor. Together they rush to complete the material for the new CD Tomorrow's Fires and it sees the light of day 4/9 2011 under the umbrella label METALGATE. Previously, the band had to make another clip - Rain of Thoughts, which was included as a bonus CD. Taking off a massive promotional campaign and concert activities.

At the beginning of 2012, comes into the band as a backup guitarist Daniel and the band is preparing material for the next, fifth, plate. Album "Reap What You Sow" March 1, 2013 is based on an unconventional form, as an annex of the renowned Spark.
Unlike previous achievements on the album are far greater extent represented melodic vocal lines and the overall sound is very dense and modern. Mix and mastering studio arranged in Petrograd Post-Organic Records Leonid Shipelik, also known for his work with metal-core band My Autumn. Fans can look forward to Reap What You Sow Tour 2013!

After two years, based on the sixth album "... and the foes Have Become our masters." Mixing and mastering was entrusted into the hands of Empire Studios. The band returns to their death metal roots and so the material is a little more straightforward.