Daniel - guitar


Name: Daniel Mazanec
Date of Birth: 05/02/1990
Occupation: Student / IT Consultant


Music education:
1996-2009 Art School, Prague 3, field: classical piano
2005-2009 Art School, Prague 3, Field: rock guitar
2006-2009 Art School, Prague 4, field: sound recording industries
..finally I found best to be self-taught.

Hobbies: extreme sports, IT, music and alcohol

Favorite bands: In music I like new ideas and experiments, contrasts and avant-garde. So I like hundreds of artists across the music genres, from electro and nu-jazz, downtempo over dubstep, drum'n'bass to rock giants and with metal it ends. Nowadays I  prefer djent, technical, or experimental brutal death metal.

Favorite food and drink: Korean cuisine, cheese, beefsteak, beef, potato pancakes ... beer, white wine and anything am I invited on :]