Peťa - vocal

Name: Petr Kášek
Born: 9. 12. 1981
Job: Purchase & logistic manager

Musical education:
almost zero, no theory, just experience

Bands: Japamata Jam Pit (1999 - 2007)

Hobbies: PC's, music, movies, languages and tongues (strangers also :o)

Favourite bands:
Slayer, S.o.a.D.; S.F.U., Portishead, Massive attack, F.O.B. :o)

Favourite meals & drinks:
spicy toast + beer, pizza + beer/wine, lemon + either tea or tequila, coffee + rum (not the white one, just the Czech gold one! :), Finish vodka

rusting microphone, microphone stand (still corrosionless), pair of old old-school boxes, half of an amplifier, excellent PROEL flex, coffee cup, coffee and keys to our rehearsal room, means if someone interested in any guys equip. (see their bio) we can have a deal, note: secretely :o)))

motto: Problems should be solved just after they appear. And when it is so, "NOBISHE" method is about to be applied (No Big Shit Effort)