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Official statement from FOB members.

Official statement from FOB members.

As you may know, our lead vocalist Peta suffered serious injuries in car accident in December 2007.

This happened right in the middle of the process of composing new album. After some consultations how we should handle with this situation we decided to prepare new songs without him and additionally ask some vocalist to records vocal parts.

As time was passing by we started to realize that it is really hard to compose new songs without a singer so we decided to ask our friend Mara to join the band as a special guest till Peta’s return.  It comes through that Peta’s recovery can take more than one year time so it seems that Mara will record the new album (pre-called The Dice) with us. 

The release date is planned for autumn. We are also planning some shows, so check our web page for further info and see our new line-up onstage.

Date: 25. 2. 2008
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