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F.O.B. band statement

The Reasons of personal changes in F.O.B. band

We didn't want to present the reasons why we were forced to go on without Coach. But there are lots of rumours and slanders so here is the official statement.

Coach was forced to leave the band 22.3.2003 after almost one week thinking how to solve the situation which was caused by his long lasting problems.

The main reason was that in history Coach in very important situations prefered his personal interests and put the other members to insolvable positions. That happened 22.3. 2003 for the last time. The band was about to record the new stuff and Coach again prefered his own activities although he was warned agains the outcasting. The band should be like one person with no disruptor inside. Now we are going on with 3 members.

Date: 4. 7. 2003
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